We are all unique, and influenced to a different degree by the environments we live in and the traumas we have suffered.

It is very important to understand that the positive changes we seek are best experienced in a natural cycle of healing, not in the forced control over symptoms, which Western medicine seeks to effect.

Natural change is long lasting and encourages a whole range of beneficial side-effects, exactly the opposite of taking pharmaceutical preparations, which generally give negative side effects, and only last as long as you take them.

The wholistic mindset is becoming increasingly popular in western culture, where the obvious failures of many pharmaceuticals has been personally experienced in the quest for healing. This is not to disregard the tremendous positive impact pharmaceuticals have had for saving lives, in extreme circumstances, they are a powerful force for change.

Acupuncture does not seek to replace western medicine, but to add to it, the much needed dimension of “balance”. This is why your treatment plan will be carefully designed to balance your bodies’ immediate and long term needs.